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A scattered of INFINITE & B.A.P ^_^
a weeaboo, love Milk tea, cheese cake, and sweets ^o^


Best Absolute Perfect Dancers

10:20 - 7043%


I should probably stop falling in love with band members and try to get an actual boyfriend

11:54 - 7789%
23:42 - 1697%
23:40 - 124%


DIY Crochet Death Star Pillow Free Pattern from Pops de Milk. In my experience lots of online free patterns either disappear or sometimes become patterns for sale - so if you like this download it soon. For a crochet sphere calculator go here.

For more Star Wars Death Star DIYs go here: For the mini Death Star roundup below go here.

23:27 - 1474%


(At least there’s ten bucks in Chen’s pocket.)

Lay: Cheeseballs (Refer to Showtime Ep. 7)

Chanyeol: BaekYeol Fanfictionㅋㅋㅋ

Kai: Custom-designed Pillow

Sehun: I.O.U.

Suho: Potted Plant + Fertilizer (And a hidden wad of cash inside)

Kris: Detailed Portrait

D.O.: First Aid Kit (“What for?” -Baek)

Luhan + Xiumin: Seoks Socks & Xius Shoes

Tao: Chinese Dictionary & CD for Listening and Pronunciation

Happy birthday to EXO’s sprout, Byun Baekhyun~!

Click on the pics for captions please~!

17:50 - 1218%


23:40 - 9372%
B.A.P MV color analysis (inspired by ofabeautifulnight)
23:38 - 2143%


I love Daehyun so much. His smile is so radiant and beautiful. I don’t ever want anything bad to happen to him, and I wish he could always keep smiling. (anon)

0:01 - 98%

Daehyun tripped over himself and Youngjae laughing at him

23:59 - 4894%